Finding humor when you don’t feel like laughing.

Finding Humor

Lets face it, being mothers is full of frustrations and headaches. While there is tremendous fulfillment in family, mothering, and children, we have to deal with all the other stuff as well.

When things are a mess and seem to be spinning out of control, it is sometimes best to find the humor in it. The last thing most people want to do when they are at whits end is to laugh but often this is the best remedy. It will not change the situation you are in, but it can open up some new perspective and help you get through it.

Finding humor when you’d rather cry or scream:

  • Take a step back and breathe.

    Emotions are a powerful thing and can quickly spiral out of control. A quick moment to gather yourself can open you up to seeing the situation in a humorous new light.

  • Realize how temporary most difficulties are.

    10 years from now, will any of the little headaches and aggravations matter. Understanding how irrelevant things we get crazy about are, can allow you to laugh at them.

  • Understand how someone else would view the situation.

    We often see the world with blinders on. Allowing yourself to look at things from another angle could force you to see funny aspects previously missed.

  • Be honest with yourself.

    The whirlwind around us is rarely without some help on our part. Either by action or inaction we have a hand in these things. When we can admit that we can chuckle at ourselves.

  • Talk it out.

    Verbalizing what is going on can cause you to gain insight. Whether to another person or just to yourself, getting the words off your chest can show you how comical things are.

Making light of the crazy events of motherhood is a necessity. Stress management expert, Elizabeth Scott M.S., details how beneficial laughter is to overall health. Kids, spouses, pets, and all of the people we deal with as mothers are always ready to hit us with new aggravations. Why let them interrupt our joy and affect our health, when we should be enjoying the wonderful experience of motherhood?


P.S. Please share, in the comments, your techniques for finding humor in difficult situations.

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Finding Humor

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