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5 Things I learned early on to increase sales on ETSY

Confused Etsy crafter looking for answers.

When I first started my store I was happy to just have a shop. I didn’t know anything about running an ETSY business or how to make it successful. I wanted to increase sales on Etsy. Experience is a good teacher and after a month of no sales I went digging for some answers. I found five things that I needed to improve ASAP if I was going to be able to sell anything on ETSY

  • My pictures needed to be better. Even though I was careful to make sure they were clear and were a good representation of the products, the exact color of the item was not always easy to see. I found that I needed to take the pictures under natural light. The difference was slight but made a big impact in my views and sales.
  • My descriptions needed to be more personalized. Not being a very good writer, I just wrote generic sentences that didn’t convey how much I care for my products and my attention to detail. When people shop on ETSY, they have many options for where and what products to buy. I had to rewrite all of my descriptions.
  • I didn’t offer customization. I needed to be able to offer custom orders for people who wanted them. This required some back and forth with my buyers but I found that the communication opened up other opportunities to sell.
  • I was not clear on the type of material I was using. I just assumed my customers knew how the products were made. By adding that information, it caused me to get some custom orders from people who wanted the product made from other materials.
  • I needed to put the care instructions in with the item. I didn’t realize how people take that into consideration when deciding to place an order. Again I wasn’t looking at the purchase from the customer’s point of view.

Fixing these 5 simple things made a big difference in my shop. I have continued to learn and grow over the years I have had my ETSY shop. I am thankful for the relationships I have made and the feedback I have received.

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