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One Word Wednesday #3 “Onward”

This week’s word is ONWARD.

The funny thing about life is that until your time is up the clock continues to tick.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had a good day or bad, what you worry about or fear, or what you hope and dream, the seconds turn into minutes, and the minutes into hours.

There is a liberation in realizing this.

If the clock is going to continue to move onward, why shouldn’t we

Sure there are consequences for our actions and many things we can’t control. We all have burdens and things we wish were different.


We have to find a way to move on and live in this moment. We can’t dwell on things, hold grudges, and let anything rob us of time.

I am reminded of a great quote by Charles Swindoll…


Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this article. The clock doesn’t care, but I do.

Make time to smile about something and smile.


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Miranda dreams of Rving across the country with her family and her 2 crazy little dogs – unless she’s swamped being a working mother and helping other moms with practical wisdom she has learned from over 2 decades raising a family. A teen mom, single mom, stay at home mom, working mom, she’s been there done that.

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Cherish Simple Things

Cherish The Simple Things


Last Christmas I was looking for a gift for my husband, who is difficult to shop for. It is always a challenge finding a present for someone who doesn’t want anything.  My husband pretty much gets himself things that I would normally want to get him for gifts.  Serendipity struck while I was wandering at Target and I found a perfect wall hanging with the saying, “Cherish The Simple things”.

This item spoke to me because it is something my husband says often. We have tried to live by this motto in our marriage and in parenting. When I think about what it means, it is very basic, SLOW DOWN! Be Engaged in the moment.

Life moves by so fast. Everything is competing for our attention and it can be very easy to miss things. I think also, that sometimes we live on auto pilot. I know I do when I am tired and just trying to complete a task. I am there but not really “THERE”.

Some people use the sayings “Live for Today” or “You only live once”(YOLO) to motivate them, thinking it accomplishes the same thing. I see those quotes as different than “Cherish The Simple Things”. Those quotes refer to getting as much into a day or into life as possible. They reflect a mindset of DOING MORE.

“Cherish The Simple Things” is about quality, not quantity. It is possible to “Live for Today” and not really appreciate and treasure what’s going on. The laugh of a child, a nice cool breeze, a moment of silence, the glimpse into a loved one’s eyes, all require engagement to take them in. Cherish simple things in all aspects of life by paying attention.

Phones have become big siphons of our attention and get in the way of this experiencing of life. Since they can almost do everything, we stay glued to them. The quote, “Cherish The Simple Things”, motivates me to get me off the phone and into the moment I am in.

We hung the wall art in the front room where we can’t miss it, as a reminder every day. I also have sticky notes with the saying in various places to get the message across. For something so important as LIFE, I best be an active participant in it and “Cherish The Simple Things”.

I hope you do to.

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