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Do you know when to start potty training? My Case Study.

At first we didn’t know when to start potty training our daughter.

We could see some signs that she was ready…

  • Was walking and running steadily
  • Had regular, predictable bowel movements
  • Could pull her own pants up and down
  • Didn’t like having a dirty diaper
  • Was letting us know she did a potty
  • Demonstrated a desire for independence

We were still unsure about when to start potty training and if she was ready. We found a site called KnowWhentoStartPottyTraining.com

They have a brief survey that listed 20 or so things to look for that signal potty training readiness. Since our daughter had many of them, we committed to get started and felt confident.

We tried the trial and error method where we would just place her on the potty for long periods. We tried various rewards. We would spend time every day on the potty with no results. We let her go without diapers to get the point across to her that she could not rely on diapers any more. Our son was easy so we assumed she would be as well. We didn’t have a plan.

What I think caused the most issues was our lack of patience and not understanding why she was more difficult than her brother was. After 2 weeks of getting nowhere we went to the bookstore and looked at some of the books available. They had a bunch to choose from.

They were all over the place with their “advice”. Some of the books said to use rewards while others said don’t bribe the kid. Some of the books said to be flexible and some said to set clear boundaries. We left the book store uninspired and felt we should delay any further potty training for the time being.

A friend had come over with her 4 year old son and out of the blue the little guy told his mom he had to go potty. She walked him to the bathroom and he went like a big boy. We took the opportunity to open up to her about what we were going through with our daughter. She could tell we were frazzled about the subject and told us about a quick method she found at BeDiaperFree.com

When to start potty training

An effective potty training system uses the natural way children learn to teach them.

We checked it out and gave it a try. We thought, “With their Money Back Guarantee, what could it hurt.” It couldn’t have gone any better. We applied the techniques and got by all the issues that had stumped us before. Having a plan made a big difference. It kept us on track and calm. We were not “winging it” anymore.

Our daughter responded beautifully. In less than a week we went from defeated to victorious. The techniques we used have also improved our general parenting and communication with our daughter. We are now off diapers and couldn’t be happier.

It always bothered us that our diapers ended up in landfills. We thought about trying cloth diapers but that was not realistic. The money saved is a big help and we are thankful not to hurt the environment any more with her diapers.

When to start potty training. Landfill stats.

Please check out BeDiaperFree.com to get more information and get started. A welcome video will give you an overview and some valuable tips. Like us you have nothing to lose.

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