Leftover Halloween Candy Doesn’t Have To Make You Fat!

This time of the year brings with it many temptations to snack and eat goodies. From chocolate to gummies to candy bars, kids bring home a ton.

With the candy filled holiday of Halloween behind us, most of us are stuck with a bunch of leftover halloween candy. If you are like me, it calls out to be eaten. It even knows my name and speaks to me so sweetly.

Because the candy pieces tend to be small, they can give the impression that we can eat a bunch.

Leftover Halloween candy

We really don’t want our kids to fill up on them either, so what do we do.

Before consuming thousands of calories, consider…

  • Taking some to work.
  • Giving some to those without kids.
  • Passing out at a social gathering (Church, Team event, etc.)
  • Using some in creative baked creations (Great Ideas by Averie Sunshine).
  • Finding an educational use for (Great Ideas by Beth Werrell)
  • Saving to be made into Christmas handouts.
  • Hiding and using as bribes for the next few months.

While the ideas are limited only by your imagination, the effects of eating that much leftover Halloween candy are not limited.

Most of us are going to consume a ton of food during the holiday season so it is probably better to NOT get started with candy.

Please share your ideas for making best use of the candy in the comments.

leftover halloween candy calories

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  1. One of my friends posted on Facebook that her crossfit trainer said 1 bite size snicker takes 65 burpees to get rid of! That really puts those little tiny pieces of heaven into perspective! YIKES!
    Extra candy could be donated to women’s shelters or put in care packages for troops.
    Hope that helps 🙂 since we don’t have kids yet we don’t run into extra, we give it all out 🙂

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