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Baby Loves Music!

Sleeping Lilly Dreaming of Music

I was reading a great article by Daniel Molloy about rock songs to play for energetic kids and it got me thinking about what baby music I play for my baby.

She really likes the songs on Disney Junior, but there is only so much of that stuff I can take. We often listen to my iPod. It is easy to tell what she likes as she smiles and will move her hands and feet in rhythm. I use the music to calm her down. Some parents will play classical music for their kids, but I find the below list works best as baby music:

I have a special playlist of those artists. Before she was born, she would react to the music I was listening to. I have always felt it was important to expose my kids to music at a young age and the article by child psychology specialist, Cara Batema, describes the benefits.

What baby music does your baby like to listen to? Has their tastes been consistent? Please let me know in the comments.

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