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One Word Wednesday #5 “Failure”

This week’s word is FAILURE.

Failure is a strong emotional word. No one wants to feel like they failed at anything. It brings with it feelings of shame, sadness, anger, and hopelessness.

We feel this way partly because we think that failure is the end of something.

We lost our chance.

We let someone down.

We are not capable.

It doesn’t help that the media and society embrace and glorify winning and success. They do this as if FAILURE isn’t part of the path to success.

Failure is universal. Making mistakes and having to regroup are what go into accomplishing anything.

We don’t realize this because we don’t see all the times that successful people fall down.

We don’t see all the crumbled paper and rewrites the great authors did before publishing that great book.

We don’t see all the experiments brilliant scientists whiffed on.

We don’t see all the failed auditions talented actors bombed before landing their big roles.

I believe that FAILURE in life isn’t the end, it is the beginning.

It is a fresh start, with the knowledge how NOT to do something.


People often quit before they get a chance to accomplish their goal.

Don’t let setbacks define you.

Let the lessons learned be a guide, knowing other failures are inevitable.

It is part of life and part of the process of achieving anything.

This post is inspired by best selling author, Jeff Goins, who teaches about finding your voice. Being also from Chicago, like me, his work involves helping writers, bloggers, etc. connect with their audience in an authentic, valuable way. Check him out at Goinswriter.com

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Miranda dreams of Rving across the country with her family and her 2 crazy little dogs – unless she’s swamped being a working mother and helping other moms with practical wisdom she has learned from over 2 decades raising a family. A teen mom, single mom, stay at home mom, working mom, she’s been there done that.

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