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One Word Wednesday #1 “Family”


Every Wednesday I will write about ONE word and what that word means to me.

This week’s word is FAMILY.

Family is a word that should be simple to define but ends up a complicated matter for most people.

We easily consider relatives as “Family”. We often consider close friends to be “Family” and others view those of similar faith as “Family” as well.

I expand that definition to include my loyal readers. I love the emails I get and the feedback about the things I write.

“Family” doesn’t have to be blood to have meaning.

Your relatives you have no choice about, but you do have a choice in what you decide to read. I am thankful for you reading this and your continuing support of me.

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About the Author:
Miranda dreams of Rving across the country with her family and her 2 crazy little dogs – unless she’s swamped being a working mother and helping other moms with practical wisdom she has learned from over 2 decades raising a family. A teen mom, single mom, stay at home mom, working mom, she’s been there done that.

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