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Football is here and I’m torn!

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Football is back and for most this is an exciting time. For me this time of the year brings mixed emotions. On the one hand, my Etsy Crochet hat business picks up as the weather cools and parents buy team themed hats for their little ones. On the other, I lose my husband and TV to football.

I’m not much of a sports fan. My grandmother, growing up, used to sit and watch baseball games with me and my brother. We were never ones to attend sporting events and I never had much interest. My passion was crafting and I would use my free time on that.

My husband loves football, so during football season there’s football on tv, radio, and in discussions. I am thankful that my husband is not as bad as many men, but it is still tough. On days when there is a win, my husband is in good spirits. When there is a loss, I can tell he is irritated.

I also have to deal with my husband going with his buddies to watch the games. With football on multiple days, it seems there is always a game on. It does free up the tv so me and the kids can watch other things, but I still miss him when he is gone. He does try to involve me at times, and invite me to go, but I’d rather not spend my date night at a bar or restaurant watching football.

What I end up doing, at home, when football has my husband, is work on my crochet hats and spend time with the kids. NFL and NCAA colored hats are my best sellers. Parents love to outfit their babies in their team’s colors. The little treasures are so cute wearing my hats and I love the pictures I get back.

Football season is relatively short, so things in my home should be back to normal in January. Wish me luck!

Please share your experiences involving your men and football in the comments. I look forward to hearing what wives and girlfriends do while their men are consumed with sports.


Team Colored Newborn Baby Hats

P.S. If you are interested in one of my team themed crochet hats (NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NBA, NHL, Etc.) for your kids or as a gift, visit my Etsy shop. Also please spread the word. I appreciate all the referrals I get.

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