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An Outstanding Life is not living in the past! #BehindTheBlogger

Living in the past

I have heard people say that “It was the worst of times” in talking about a tragedy or event in their lives. I don’t think I have ever uttered or thought those words.

I try to not spend time looking back or living in the past. I have always felt that the past is the past and I don’t live there anymore. I have also believed that giving more or less importance to an event in my life gives it power over me.

The reality is I am here today because of a lifetime of events and experiences. Whether in the big scheme of things or at the moment, weighing them requires perspective we almost never have. Time during some experiences seems to rush quickly and at at other points seems to drag on. Some things I remember vividly and others barely.

An event that seemed bleak and hopeless at the time, may have steered me on a path I would not have otherwise taken. Something that appeared great may have prevented me from making another decision that I should have made.

How an experience in my life ends up affecting my journey, I don’t believe can ever actually be known. For every action there is a reaction and nothing happens in a vacuum. Life is full of good and bad and they are not always easy to distinguish even after years pass by.

I have a strong faith that teaches me that “All things God works for the good.” Because of that, even things that I might classify as “the worst”, had a hand in making me who I am and brought me to this point in my life.

I try to pass this perspective onto my children so they may learn to always move forward and use whatever life throws at them as a lesson. I don’t want them paralyzed in reflection, dwelling on the past. They are told to make the best decisions they can based on the information they have. They know that I love them and we will deal with whatever happens in our lives.

I hope you realize you are loved as well and you’re also on a journey.

Living in the past

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