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Why risk leaving your Baby Photography to last minute chance?

Baby Photography wordsThe birth of a new baby is an amazing time in a family.

With all the special moments, it is important to capture them since they pass by in an instant. Most parents do not prepare for how they want pictures and video taken during this hectic time. Capturing these memories takes more than just snapping a little video and pictures, here and there.

Having a baby throws everything out of whack.

Schedules and routines get disrupted. Parents are tired from the lack of sleep and interruption the baby causes. Most people do not “feel” like being in photos at this time, which makes having a Baby Photography plan vital.


Below are resources to use while planning how you want to document these moments. Getting your thoughts and opinions together before the baby comes will go a long way towards making sure you capture these special times. For those whose babies are already born, these resources can also be vital.

  • Do you want Delivery and Birth Photos?

    A controversial topic is the timing of the baby’s first photos. Refer to this resource, from an informative article by New York Times writer Elissa Gootman, to decide where and when you want to photograph.

  • Hiring a Professional Photographer

    There are pros and cons to hiring a professional to take baby photos. This resource, by professional photographer Jessica Bookout, can give you some of the things to consider.

  • Baby Photography styles

    Whether you choose to do your own photos or hire a professional, this resource, by baby photography expert Alisha Robertson, presents the styles that you may want for your baby photos.

  • Baby Photo Props

    The cutest baby pictures have the baby in a nice setting using a photo prop. This resource on the trusted photography website, Mcpactions.com, discusses the Photography Props to consider.

  • Telling a Story with the Pictures

    At the end of the day the pictures will tell a story. They will only be able to do that if they are taken. Make sure to think about how you want that story told. This article by professional photography specialist, Tamara Bowman, shows how important storytelling is and tips for doing it right.

After reviewing these resources, the next important step is to discuss the options and take action. Waiting till the last minute will lead to missed opportunities and sloppy execution. The moments fly by quickly and having those special photos will mean a lot when your kids are grown.

Babies modeling crochet hats

P.S.  Whether you do the photos yourself or hire a professional, the focus of the pictures should be the beauty of the baby. Please keep this in mind with the settings you choose, photo props, and baby poses.

P.S.S  I make beautiful Crochet Baby Hats in custom styles and colors. Consider using them for your baby photos. For more info click here.

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