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Warning! Smartphone Don’ts when parenting teenagers!

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teenagers is like playing the game Operation in the dark. One wrong move and the buzzer is going to get you. There is no preparing for this new level of teenage hypersensitivity. Things that were innocent when they were little, now cause deadly embarrassment.

When parenting teenagers, to not cause your teen imaginary pain, it is wise to observe some smartphone etiquette:

-Do not use the camera to take funny images of them.

-Do not use the voice recorder to record them on the phone and play it back to them and their friends.

-Do not use the Facebook app to tag them in embarrassing photos.

-Do not use the music app to play a song they think is corny or dumb.

-Do not use the photo app to show their friends old, humiliating photos.

-Do not text their friends.

These tips will not reduce their moodiness but should give them one less thing to complain about. The good news is this chaotic period only last a few years.

Parenting Teens

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